750 to 5,000 psi wp, .250 to .500 MMBTU/HR, Heater
Indirect gas fired heater with 2”, 5000# coils upstream 32/64 inlet choke, 1440 coils downstream automatic temperature, stack arrestor, controls to meet API RP14C offshore safety controls, trailer mounted.


750 to 10,000 psi wp, .750 MMBTU/HR, Heater
Indirect gas fired heater with 2” coils, automatic temperature, 14C controls, trailer mounted.


10,000 psi wp, 1.95 MMBTU/HR, Heater
Propane Vaporizer, Trailer Mounted


2 MMBTU Tube Over Tube Heat Exchanger
2 MMBTU Heat Exchanger has a 2 1/2″ x 360′ approx. process Coil @ 625 psi wp with a 250 psi wp continuous heat Shell 4″ x 260′ approx. for hot water or steam circulation. Fully caged for transportation and offshore use; all process and heating piping is insulated to retain heat and provide safety; By-pass manifold also skid-mounted and fully insulated. Option to interchange coils to 10,000 psi.

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