Early Production Facilities Rental Services

PROS Incorporated can provide all the required equipment from wellhead to sales line. Starting at the wellhead, PROS can provide choke manifolds rated from 3,000 to 15,000 psi, electronic wellhead monitoring instruments, 2″ to 8″ interconnecting pipe, and 3 1/16″ 15K pipe. PROS can provide 2-phase, 3-phase, and 4-phase separators ranging in pressure from 150psi to 1440psi, gas scrubbers, H2s scrubbers, deflagration arrestors ranging from 4″ to 8″, portable A.P.C.D. permitted flares rated from 1 MMSCFD to 10MMSCFD, Vapor recovery compressors with variable frequency drives, Aerial coolers for conditioning gas, temporary 400 bbl. wash tanks, transfer pumps, air compressors, and chemical pumps.


PROS can also provide SCADA Systems designed to measure, collect and communicate production data from the field in any geographic location. Our clients benefit from critical decision making and production optimizing information that is available to them in real time through a highly intuitive web-based interface, and emailed production reports.



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