Dynamometer & Fluid Level Services

PROS, Incorporated provides a Dynamometer service, based on the Nabla methodology and software, for analyzing performance, loading, and power output of a beam pumping installation. Both surface and downhole pump dynagraph cards are generated in order to diagnose the entire system with respect to pump intake pressure, well potential, pump condition and efficiencies, frictional effects, and equipment loading. Prime mover, sucker rod, unit structure, and gearbox loading can be calculated, as well as counterbalance requirement. Factors affecting energy consumption are considered such as pump fillage, pump condition, unit balance, motor loading, and design parameters.


PROS, Incorporated uses the latest in acoustic Well Analyzer technology determining fluid level in the wellbore. The Well Analyzer uses a gas gun assembly and pressure transducer. The pressure transducer permits a faster and more accurate determination of the casing pressure buildup rate which is necessary to determine the casing annulus gas flow rate. The computer utilizes the acoustic data and casing pressure buildup data in conjunction with the well’s data base to calculate the well analysis shown below.




The Well Analyzer can be used with special software to obtain pressure buildup data. The operator programs the Well Analyzer to aquire data at a specified rate in either shots per hour or shots per log time cycle. Advanced analog to digital converters, precision pressure sensors and reliable remote fire gas guns allow acquisition of accurate data, which is used to calculate bottomhole pressures. Numerous diagnostic and analysis plots are available including casing pressure vs. time, liquid level vs. time, bottomhole pressure vs. time, log-log with derivative, Horner plot and MDH plot. Real time viewing of the data insures that the wells are returned to production as soon as the test objectives have been reached.



Fluid Level Microphone & Pressurre Transducer

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