Gravimetric Meter Proving

PROS, Incorporated’s Gravimetric Meter Provers are designed and constructed to meet the wide range of conditions that prevail in oil field production metering. The provers are capable of being used in virtually all types of installations such as waterflood, LACT, etc. PROS Field Service Technicians are qualified in wet crude meter proving in accordance to API Code 1101. Because of our consistently accurate work and repeatability, the Minerals Management Service, and Bureau of Land Management have accepted this method for calibrating government meters. Liquid meter proving serves two purposes:


1.) to determine if the meter performance has been affected by mechanical failure and


2.) to obtain a meter factor. A mechanical failure can occur in the measuring element, level control, pressure controls, cut monitor or control valves.


Any change in operating conditions or well performance can have a dramatic effect on meter repeatability. When proving for a meter factor, the prover operator will discover if the meter or related controls have been mechanically damaged, or if the system conditions have changed. In most instances, a mechanical problem can be corrected at that time and an accurate meter factor determined.

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