Hydro Testing Services
  • BOP Testing and Servicing
  • Pressure Test valves, screwed, or flanged
  • Service and Test Choke Manifolds to 15,000psi
  • Pressure Test TIW Valves (FOSV)
  • UT Inspection
  • Visual Inspection
  • Pipe Color Code Banding
  • Pressure Test Check Valves Service & Repair
  • ASME Code Shop Pressure Testing to ASME Standards
  • Pressure Testing 2”, 3”, 4” 1502 pipe up to 15,000 psi
  • Pressure Testing Line Pipe Screwed or Flanged
  • Pressure Testing Pressure Vessels

Hydro Testing and Banding Pipe, Valves, and Misc. Fittings


Pipe and fittings are visually inspected, hydro tested, banded with test pressure, date, and company name or logo. Sand Blasting and painting can also be provided upon request. Our Customers receive pressure charts, and a full-service report describing inspection and work performed. All repair parts replaced are returned to the customer for validation. Please call for pricing @ (661) 589-5400.

Portlable On-site Hydro Testing Services – 15,000 psi Rating

Pipeline Pressure Testing

Casing Integrity Testing

Approved Independent Hydrostatic Testing Firm recognized by the Cal Fire State Fire Marshall for DOT Pipeline Testing
PROS, Inc. has a registered Commercial and Government Entity Code, “Cage Number”.

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