Fabrication Shop

PROS Inc. is proud to offer our Full Service Steel Fabrication Shop. As a certified ASME Shop we hold U, S, & R Stamps and have more than 30 years of experience in designing, welding, fabricating, and assembling custom products and vessels. Our team is capable of manufacturing and repairing pressure vessels of various types, sizes, material grades, and functions. Including oil and gas separators, transport trailers, catwalks, and solar panel mounts.


Our services also offer instrumentation installation, product assembly and testing, and maintenance plans with our highly skilled Shop Technicians. The In-house Design Team and QA/QC Program ensure top quality products by thoroughly covering all aspects of projects. Our dedicated welders are certified in a variety of welding processes, and are proficient in welding material from mild steel to food grade stainless.


R-stamp NB-stamp S-stamp-transparent U-Stamp-transparent
NBBI R Stamp Certified NBBI NB Stamp Certified ASME S Stamp Certified ASME U Stamp Certified
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