Surplus & Used Oilfield Equipment For Sale

PROS Inc. offers a variety of surplus and used equipment for sale from our well-testing operations in Utah, Colorado, Texas, and California. Our inventory changes from time to time so please check back periodically. If you don’t see the equipment you’re looking for in our used equipment inventory, give us a call and we can check inventory in other areas. We’re here to help you find what you need!”

Lot of Surplus Equipment (Corken Compressor, Heat Exchangers, Kimray and Camerson Valves, 3-Phase Motors, and more!)

2007-2017 ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Books (Gently Used)

3-1/16” 15K Pipe Inventory

Miscellaneous 15 K items 3-1/16” Studded Cross Inventory

3-1/16” 15,000 psi WP Five Valve Dual Choke Manifold

ESD Valve 15,000psi Working Pressure

Amine Tower

Weight: 11,000 LBS
Working Pressure: 250psi @ 200°F
Dimensions: 42” Dia. x 30’ Length
Trays: 10
Price: $75,000.00

Flare Industries Enclosed Flare

Rated Flow Capacity: .35MMCFD 
Dimensions: 30’L x 8’
Variable Speed: (1) 5 HP – Fan 60 Hz
Volts/Phase/Hz: 460/3/60
RPM: Variable Frequency Drive
Sales Price: $95,000.00


Thermal Oxidizer Manufactured by Flare Industries

The FIRECAT Thermal Oxidizer incorporates the use of one PYROCAT Burner element, which provides for efficient combustion of the waste gas. The flame element is constructed of 310 Stainless Steel to prevent premature degradation due to heat or chemical corrosion. The burner uses an electronic ignitor along with the control system to provide ignition of the pilot gases. A UV scanner proves the pilot sources before the main burner gas is opened.


The flow of fuel gas modulates, (increases or decreases) based on the internal temperature of the thermal oxidizer stack. The thermal oxidizer system has (2) sets of thermocouples that monitor internal combustion temperature, which is transmitted to the TIC in the main control panel. The TIC will modulate the control valve to maintain 1,400°F. If the temperature increases above 1,800°F, the entire system will shut down. The oxidizer structure was engineered by Flare Industries with a 1/16” corrosion allowance and is able to withstand 135-MPH wind conditions with minimum deflection.


The base section is equipped with a base and chair plate design to resist overturning moments and shear loads.


Utility requirements of the system are as follows:

Pilot/Burner Fuel Gas – 1500 SCFH of Natural Gas @ 5-10 PSIG
Instrument Air – 80 PSIG MIN / 125PSIG MAX
Electrical Requirement, Controls – 120 VAC, 1, 60 Hz, 60 Amps
Electrical Requirement, Motors – 460 VAC, 3, 60 Hz, 60 Amps
Electrical Components Classification – Class I Division 1 / NEMA 4
Control Panel Classification – Class I Division 2 / NEMA 4X
Motor Classification – TEFC


Sales Price: $135,000.00

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