Automation Services
Incorporating OleumTech® & Tyrion Integration:


PROS Inc. realizes in today’s world the importance and advances of new technology. It is why PROS Inc. strives to incorporate business like Tyrion Integration and OleumTech® to improve our services.


With today’s technological advances in wireless communication and remote telemetry; PROS Inc. has the ability to automate well tests reports, and control well production facilities of US and Canada. PROS Inc. utilizes Tyrion Integration’s “Nucleus” device to provide our customers 24/7 real-time data through Tyrion’s cloud. In conjunction with the Nucleus; PROS Inc. utilizes OleumTech®Industrial Wireless Automation Solutions” system to provide low power telemetry asset monitoring, and IO solution for industrial automation applications.


OleumTech® Automation Solutions Offer:

  • Tank Level Monitoring
  • High Level Alarm
  • Wellhead Automation
  • 3-Phase Separator Monitoring
  • Flow Measurement
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Valve/Pump Control
  • Plunger Lift/Artificial Lift Optimization
  • Thief Hatch Monitoring
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Monitoring
  • Pump/Compressor
  • Pipeline Pressure and Valve Monitoring
  • I/O Distribution
  • and much more!
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