Flowback Services

PROS, Incorporated provides complete 24-hour Flowback services for the oil and gas industry. Our Flowback services focuses on safety and prevention of environmental spills. Ensuring to focus on moving the well safely from completion to production. PROS, Inc.’s highly qualified technicians monitor the well and separator equipment, measure flowback, prevent spillage by arranging for hauling services, switching tanks, provides a daily report, and takes necessary actions in case of abnormal or emergency situations. Our services also cover newly drilled wells, workover wells like N2 lift operations, Flowback after acid stimulation, or fracking and drill out. In addition, our Flowback services can support well abandonment operations by providing surface equipment to safely bleed down and control the well during circulation; or reverse circulation operations.


PROS, Inc. can provide the following equipment for Flowback operations:

  • 500 psi to 10,000 psi Sand, Spherical, and Vertical Separators
  • 2″ to 8″ Fig. 200, Fig. 206, Fig. 602, and Fig. 1502 Interconnecting Pipes
  • 3,000 psi to 15,000 psi. Choke Manifold – Dual or Single Choke (3-valve, 5-valve, and 10-valve options)
  • Debris Catcher up to 15,000 psi
  • 2-Phase, 3-Phase, and 4-Phase Separators 150 psi to 3,000 psi
  • 3″ to 8″ Portable Flare with Safe Igniting System
  • Portable Laboratory


PROS, Inc. is dedicated to provide an accurate high quality report to help our customers make sound decisions for their operations. Our reports consist of the following:

  • Operation Log (provides the customer sequence of the activities during the operation)
  • Well Head Pressure, Temperature, and Choke Size
  • Critical or Non-Critical Flow
  • Production Gross Rate
  • Water Rate
  • Oil Rate (corrected oil rate considering shrinkage factor and meter correcting factor)
  • Gas Rate (including flared and sells gas)
  • Sand Return Volume
  • BS&W%
  • Gas Oil Ratio (GOR), Gas Liquid Ratio (GLR)
  • H2S and COLevel in Gas
  • Gas Specific Gravity
  • Water Corrected Gravity at Standard Temperature
  • Oil Corrected Gravity at Standard Temperature
  • Oil Specific Gravity and API at Standard Temperature
  • Water Specific Gravity and API at Standard Temperature
  • Water Salinity (Chloride), Resistivity, and PH

In addition, PROS, Inc. can provide easy access to telemetry through smartphone or desktop. Providing live operation data via the Cloud using Tyrion Integration’s Nucleus device. Allowing our customers to monitor the operation remotely, as well as, producing a graphic plot for the entire process that shows the well’s behavior and instant changes of the well’s performance.


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